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CMMC Day 2024: Security Control Inheritance and Requirements Traceability

On May 6, 2024, Space Coast Cyber CEO, Dr. Jeff Baldwin was honored to be invited back to speak at CMMC Day 2024 on the topic of Security Control Inheritance and Requirements Traceability.

This talk discussed how identifying the inheritance of security controls in your operating environment can increase the efficiency of your system security design by allowing you to inherit functionality that has previously been validated and help you to ensure coverage and traceability of compliance requirements.

A key aspect of security programs is mapping requirements from compliance frameworks to the system components that must address the requirements.

The security design and architecture of information systems is developed to identify how system requirements will be satisfied; this may include Common Controls or Hybrid Controls provided by an enterprise system or from an external service provider that can be inherited by multiple information systems.

The slides are uploaded here for your convenience and the video presentation has been re-recorded for you to enjoy.

If you have questions on how to perform security control inheritance and requirements traceability and need assistance applying it to your unique environment, we would be more than happy to assist you with additional walkthrough training sessions or provide more substantive consulting in identifying your system boundaries and system components.

CMMC Day 2024 Security Control Inheritance and Requirements Traceability
Download PDF • 20.15MB

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