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CMMC Day Presentation

Dr. Jeff Baldwin presented at CMMC Day 2023 on the topic of "How Creating a Self-Assessment Playbook for System Components Prepares OSCs for C3PAO Assessment."

Synopsis: The best way to prepare for C3PAO assessment is to create and execute a customized and repeatable Self-Assessment Playbook operating at a system component level for verification and validation of assessment objectives to ensure coverage of requirements by every system component for Covered Contractor Information Systems.

This talk discussed the benefits of this systematic approach to prepare for C3PAO assessment and it also discussed how the Self-Assessment Playbook can be reused for ongoing Continuous Monitoring requirements.

More information and a longer version of the presentation will be forthcoming. Stay tuned.

For now, the slides from the presentation are available here for review:

CMMC Day Baldwin Presentation
Download PDF • 18.59MB

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